Monday, December 13, 2010

A special christmas gift!!!

So here's a brief story.

I have been working at Walgreens here in Tampa for a little over a year. Every night a homeless man sets up his chair and surrounds himself with his bags. This goes on everynight.. he appears around 8 and leaves around 9... the managers and workers all now him and the police don't bother him. He never asks for anything he just says hello how are you then minds his own business.

This year as I was leaving one brisk windy night I noticed he was sleeping but had nothing more then his big jacket to keep him warm.

So for the last week I went around my work and collected a dollor from each person willing to donate (some even donated more).. today we had enough and I bought him the warmest blanket we had and a $25 gift card to Walgreens so he could buy food, drinks, or whatever else he needed!
I had the manager invite him to come inside and I gave him the gift and a card I had everyone in the store sign with a little note.
He teared up and said this was the nicest thing anybody had done for him in a long time, he said he would treasure it all, and how kind and thoughtful we were...

I even teared up and gave him a hug!! This is what christmas is about bringing happiness to those with less!! I was very touched and won't soon forget him! His name is Julius!

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