Saturday, December 4, 2010

A update!

Ah yes another Saturday!

The chickens have lost almost all of their down now and have been replaced with beautiful feathers! They have prob gotten 15x the size they are when we got them and are approaching 2 months old! We now have a 2 room coop that can fit 6-8 chickens!! thanks to freecycle and a little creative genius!! So now as long as these continue to live happy lives we will be starting another 3 birds come feb/mar!!

Also today the L.E.C center had their art under the trees art sale! I bought my first original piece of artwork names country road! Very beautiful! Now just to find a spot for it!

Also went to the Ybor City Fresh Market and got a loaf of fresh baked sourdough bread, homemade blackberry jam, homemade beef jerky, a pint of yummy organic cherry tomatoes from a local grower, and some local honey!! YUMM

Over all its been a busy week since thanksgiving filled with cleaning, cooking, and a super busy week at work!

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