Monday, January 10, 2011

3 Months Old

So my chickens are coming up on the 3 month mark... (much improvement since my first chickens made it to 5 weeks)
Yesterday they were moved into their outdoor coop. I couldn't bear to post yesterday afraid that I might awake to what I did with my first set of chicks but they did fine...

I wasn't going to move them till Friday when they officially turned 3 months but I had it all set up yesterday while the chickens ranged and when I went back outside at dusk to bring them in they were all already asleep in the outdoor coop.. I couldn't bring myself to disturb them so instead I hooked up their waterier and feeder and locked up the coop..
I checked on them every hour after dark just to be sure they were safe and sound until I went to bed at midnight. This morning I couldn't bring myself to go check on them so I sent Ronnie.. once I heard him say good morning ladies I breathed a sigh of relief and carried on my normal morning activities (getting ready for work, etc)

Its hard to imagine that those small little puff balls that fit inside of my palm are now these large birds and only about 3 months from providing my family eggs... if all continues to go well we plan on starting another 3 chicks come Feb/Mar..
I'm hoping my local feed store can throw on some barnevelders for me in their order but if not its not the end of the world..

The black giant otherwise known as shadow is the friendliest of the bunch and will sit on your lap for a while being petted, next is the wyandotte otherwise known as Penelope who is fast and will put up a good fight before finally settling down to be held and petted finally is the amercuana (who has not yet been named but will be shortly).. she is the spunkiest hates to be held chicken, we all take turns holding her trying to calm her temper down but you can just tell she hates it and will widly flap her wings and flail her leg with her sharp claws until you put her back down..

Living in a urban environment I'm always nervous someone is going to complain or the birds are going to fly over the fence into someones flowers... but they are well behaved and rarely travel farther then 10 feet from their coop.. they have torn up a patch of weeds to expose the loose dirt below and take daily dirt baths.. the amercuana loves the dirt more then the others and even a hour after being brought inside the coop will ruffle her feathers and you can see the dirt fly off...

Brooke loves herding time.. she chases them until she corners them and grabs them (sometimes by the tail feathers which they dislike) then calls daddy or mommy over to pick up the chicken and put her in the coop.. its really a sight to see, she loves them and kisses their feathers and attempts to give them hugs any chance she can..

They have really become a part of this family and I'm so happy to report how well they are doing!


  1. I have a wyandotte too, that I raised from a chick last summer. She has always been shy and spooky but now that she is laying, when I approach her she does the squat (as if to convenience a rooster)and I can pick her up easily and pet her. I think she is getting more used to being handled and getting less afraid.

  2. Check out a site called backyard chickens-- more info than you can handle--Ed