Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Last night was wonderful as normally I have dreams that make me toss and turn all night..

I dreamt that I lived in a small cottage house on a hill overlooking a vast expance of trees and nature, in front of these trees were wonderful green crops of all types, tomatoes with the brightest color I've ever seen, corn towering over me, and squash that vined out as far as my dream eyes could see no with a hint of bugs, or dieases..

Over head the clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds stood like a beautiful picture as the suns rays shone through..

There were deer with their young, and birds in their nests.. my daughter was playing with the chickens (in dream world we had it seemed like 30).. the goats were grazing as were the 2 cows, and the dirt path led to a pond with ducks all around..

Ronnie sat in a rocking chair on the porch reading the news and my mom was bringing in a basket of fruit from well I'm not sure where as that wasn't in my dream...

I'm not sure where this amazing dream place is but I would sure like to visit again as I have never felt such peace in a dream..

Maybe it was a sign of things to come (though not sure my mom would be there) or maybe it was just a nice spot for my dreamself to rest her head but it was fantastic : )

Hope everyone has great magical dreams tonight!

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