Saturday, January 1, 2011

Enter 2011...

The first day of the New Year a wonderful 70 degrees with sunny skies and a light breeze..

The chickens our roaming the backyard pecking at the last of the green weeds and bathing in the dirt they scratched up!

Ronnie cooking New Years Dinner for us as I make stock from the left over Christmas ham and a ham, potatoes, cheese, broccoli soup to freeze for later.

I received my final (I think) seed catalog yesterday Bountiful Gardens.. I have already flipped through and seen some interesting looking goods like moth beans...

We went out with our gift cards from Christmas and stocked up the freezer with ham that luckily my Walmart had a bunch left and marked them down to a $1 a pound, and chicken drumsticks and boneless breasts for .98 cents to 1.49 a pound as well as buying fire starter and firewood which came in these nifty orange plastic bags that we will wash and reuse to store squash, potatoes, or other root crops

Today I also went through and ordered my first round of seeds from bakers creek once they arrive I will post my new purchases!

Hope everyone is having a amazing start to 2011!!

Peace be with you!!!


  1. happy new year brittany!All the best for a wonderful growing year!

  2. Thanks Kathi! I wish you and your family all the best in this new year