Monday, January 31, 2011

Garden Goodies

This weekend I was very very sick but I took a moment while out tending to the chickens to take a look at my growing garden... the lettuce though small is doing wonderfully and I topped my burger with it and I must say it made the diffirence : ) .. I have serval turnips ready for pulling so this weekend I will be cooking and mashing them, my carrots are growing very well and I love digging around in the dirt to see how developed they are, one of my broccoli plants has a small 2 inch head on it so I'm letting it grow more, the bok choi has been very dissapointing it was a crop I really had high hopes for it produced wonderfully but was tough and bitter.. after having a talk with my mom about how she loves bok choi but she grew a type this year that she thought wasn't good either (same thing tough and bitter) then I said told her I grew Ching Chang Bok Choi low and behold hers was the same variety so we decalred that type no good.. my onions are growing nicely and I can't wait to harvest them in august.. this weekend I will be going to get my seed starting stuff and start the spring veggies : )

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