Saturday, January 8, 2011

Harvest Saturday!

Ah Saturday the first day of the 2 day weekend...

Today Brooke and I played on her new slide she got from her grandma for christmas, we are also going to have a girls night with the tinkerbell marathon (all 4 movies), homemade treats, popcorn, pedicares, and dress up : )

So today at around sunset I went to herd the chickens back to their coop at a day of ranging and their they were waiting at the door for me to let them in : )

After getting them inside and discourging brooke from yanking tail feathers I went out to check the garden...

2 huge turnips await that I swear are over a pound each, bok choi that I had forgotten about and had almost started to go to seed, and it was past time to thin the carrots.

I went back inside to get my harvest basket...

I pulled up the turnips and got my hands and kness dirty thinning out the carrots.. little carrots had already formed so I through it all in my basket!

Once I was inside I pulled the greens from the tops of the carrots as well as the really tiny carrots and threw them all to the chickens, the small carrots were washed and given to brooke who had them devoured in 5 min...

Right now the turnips and bok choi are sitting on my counter top waiting for my to find a recipe worth their doing : )

Happy Harvest Saturday!


  1. Ooooh I am so envious! I spread hen poo/bedding on the snow today...

  2. Thanks Kathi, it was exciting to me as well!! ohh hen poop? Thats actually exciting lol!!