Saturday, January 22, 2011

Money and Gardens

Finally after writing posts about what I want to do in the backyard.. I will finally have the funds to do so!

Step 1: rototill... I hate to do it cause it will compact the soil but my plan is to till up the grass, rake it clean (compost the good stuff of course), and then go back through by hand to loosen up the soil...

Step 2: Build the beds.. 4 pieces of wood screwed together

Step 3: Fill with compost...

Step 4: Plant all the lovely seedlings I'm getting ready to start within the next 2 weeks

I will be making my picnic area surrounded with lovely flowers : )

It will also give my the funds to build those cowpea cages I want ... maybe even a homemade pond with some fish and water flowers

Finally the garden plans will be able to come to life!


  1. Dreaming dreams like this is what gets me thru a long canadian winter. We have forecast for 22 below zero F for monday overnight! Hopefully the coldest night this year.

  2. Every once in a while I miss snow... then I think about it and I don't lol... hope you stay warm kathi that just sounds way to cold