Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seed Order Jan 5th 2011

Ordered from Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds on Jan 1st ----> Arrived Jan 5th

Country Gentlemen Sweet Corn.. A sweet shoepeg type heirloom non GMO corn

California Black Eye Peas.. Classic Black Eye Pea (Cowpea)

Bedfordshire Prize Cucumber.. A large 10 in cucumber great for freash eating

Golden Honeymoon (Honeydew) Melon

Jalapeno Criags Grande is a high yielding large hot pepper

Grey Zucchini is a early summer squash that's supposed to be diease resistant

Black Cherry Tomato.. a dusky purple tomato that has a rich sugary taste that makes black tomatoes famous

Tzi Bi U tomato.. is a purple small fruited tomato with green strips with supposed very high yields

Golden midget watermelon... a beautful small ice box watermelon

Parisienne Carrot.. Small orange round carrots great for heavy/ rocky soils

Lemon Basil.. great for seafood

Nero Di Toscana is a blend of cabbage and kale and is a wonderful loose leaf italin heirlom

And my free gift is love in a mist flower seeds

Most seeds will be started at the end of the month and I will keep you all updated on how they preform as I start my 2011 garden journal : )


  1. It will be like Christmas all over again when you get to open the package...