Monday, January 3, 2011

Strawberry Problems

Strawberries are a pernienal and I live right near strawberry capital (plant city).. but for some reason last year my strawberry plants couldn't make it through our summer

I watered weekly plus the summer rains.. but yet the strawberries turned brown and collapsed onto the soil tops.

This year I have created 2 compost filled (strawberrys are heavy feeders) thin and long strawberry beds.

Maybe they need some shade to help with our summer sun beating down on them??

I will be testing different things trying to get our strawberry plants to grow, spread, and live longer then 3 or 4 months!!

Ill keep you updated!!!


  1. Cackleberry Urban FarmsJanuary 9, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    strawberries are perrenial in cooler climates, but they are usually grown as cool season annuals here. That's why the strawberry festival isn't in June. The strawberry farmers rip up all of thier plants and replace them with watermelons in the springtime. I had a little luck for a couple years keeping some smaller wild-type strawberries alive, but the berries were so small and there was never more than 1 or 2 ready at a time.

  2. Ah thank you so much I had no idea : )

  3. Man, that stinks! I am really interested in growing strawberries as well. Maybe i will try blueberries.