Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Winter Storm

Work... we I spend 40 hours a week... Well there I was again helping patients, dispensing medication, when I pull out my phone for a time check... 5 o clock

I notice a couple people have updated their facebook status.. I check.. First one is someone complaining about there life (typical) but the 2nd was a alert and the start to a interesting night. It read "Under a tornado watch until 9pm" of course I right away went to the weather channel website and typed in my zip code... sure enough tornado and serve storm watch..

I told my fellow co workers and called Ronnie to tell him to make sure all windows were closed and the chickens were put coworkers and i all went to look out the drive through window... nothing... 10 minutes later one of my co workers said what time is it... it was 530.. I asked why.. she said come look.. all curious we went and looked... the outside was black as midnight somewhat foggy and nobody was out there... we opened the pass through door.. wind blasted through blowing our hair and making us relieze the storm was on its way...

Customers stopped coming in.. and we turned our computer into a weather board going to the local news channels website and turning on the live feed... all of a sudden we heard on the roof a steady pounding and looking out the window we saw the downpour now going on... the drops gleamed with the street lights as they fell. The reporter on the tv was announcing a water spout seen in apollo beach, a possiable torando headed towards disney world, and a touchdown in springhill. We all were nervous everyone was on the phone with the family at their homes making sure everyone was ok.

I called ronnie who told me it was just as bad at the house and the chickens were making load noises in the coop. He went out to check on them and thinks the were just scared... the wind was whipping around and a customer came in saying the roads were flooded and half the lights were out. She said cars were driving on the wrong side from lack of vision and a lot of cars were pulled to the side with their hazard lights on.

Knowing I love storms everyone had to crack a joke about asking me if I was enjoying this and I thought... yea its a good day for ducks and plants : ) they think I'm crazy anyway!

The rain slowed and the tornado warning expired early... and the customers started trickling back in the get their medication. The reporter was talking about how the storm stretched all over the state of florida but the southern tip and how flash flooding can occur when the beep beep tuned him out and all heads snapped to the screen another tornado warning had just been issued and would continue to the morning hours.

I asked my manager if I could leave early it was now 730 so I could get home before the next round of rain and storms hit she said it was no proplem! I can home to silent chickens and a peaceful house listening to the rain patter on the roof.
The windchimes were blowing making beautiful music in the night and I relaxed under the blanket on the couch.

The next morning I awoke to the sun shining through my windows.. I looked outside and all the plants were jewel green and glistening in the morning was beautiful! My chickens were fine but anxious to be let out and as soon as the coop door was slid open they jumped out 1..2..3.. they pecked around in the wet ground and shook their feathers out.. I went over to examine the growing veggies.. everything seemed to love the rain and my turnips were developing nicely as well as the carrots and onions.. one of my broccoli plants had started to develop a head and the swiss chard I never thought would sprout was doing just that! I thanked them all and mother nature and came back inside to get ready to start another day at work...

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