Saturday, February 5, 2011

Garden Plans.. Spring 2011

I have pulled out my seeds, companion planting book, paper, and great ideas!

I have come up with a partial garden plan.. I say partial because as of right now I have 3 garden beds one- 4x8, one- 5x10, and one- 8x11.. I plan on creating 3 more for this season! One being built around A-Frames for my pole beans to grow up!! We also have 1 of 3 bean cages built for the cowpeas!

Here are my quick draw garden plans.. Garden plans don't have to be fancy they just have to be accurate.. Each square represents 1 sq ft.. most plants fit 1 per sq ft.. so draw up this correctly per plant.. also if you are using abb. make sure to make a key so you dont forget what you want to plant!!

Here's my 3 current garden bed plans!!

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