Friday, February 4, 2011

Lets get busy!

With spring fast approaching my family is getting busy!

Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend built a bean cage for us. Its something I have been thinking of for awhile.. I bought some 2x2's and screws... lesson learned screws will split that size wood so we ended up using nails we had on hand.
It consists of four 7 ft pieces dug 1 ft into the ground and then ladder looking pieces running horizontal going to the top..
I think its amazing and he did a great job! It took six 2x2's which came to around $7

Today I cleared out the grass around and underneath the cage and got it secured. As soon as the Landscaping wood goes on sale I will buy a piece and cut it into 2 ft sections to fit around the 1 1/2 ft cage.. I plan to make 2 or 3 more cages for our cowpeas to grow this spring.

The chickens are doing very very well and we are even looking to expand our small flock with 3 more chickens. As my daughter was herding them into their coop (yes I said herding she runs around yelling yee haw and chasing them into the coop) I picked them up 1 at a time.. I must say they do not want to be held as I was trying to get her settled she was flailing her legs and flapping her wings cut my chest up with their sharp claws. I still held all of them to try to teach them to be calm. I came inside and applied hydrogen peroxide to clean all the scratches that were bleeding.. Ouch!!!

Tonight I plan to sort out how I'm going to plant my beds, and tomorrow I will start the seeds : )


  1. Nice bean tower! Its usually a good idea to pre drill with a bit slightly smaller in diameter than your screws, to prevent splitting of the wood.

  2. thanks Kathi! luckily its very study as my daughter attempted to climb it today!! talk about a YIKES!