Friday, February 18, 2011

Redesigning Myself and My Backyard

As I continue my quest to fill my closet with items that I love and that express me I am also changing other aspects of myself.
When I got pregnant I was not thin but as thin as a big framed person can be... flat belly etc
With my baby I gained near 100 pounds I'm not proud of it but I had not done anything about it.

With my recent engagment I looked in the mirror and at my dress size. I don't want to get married in a size 20 gown.
I'm on a mission! Eat healthy, exercise daily, and garden!

I want to combine gardening in as stress relief but as a way to sweat out some extra calories.

By Jan 2012 I want to lose 65 of those 100 pounds I gained, also by Jan 2012 I want to have my backyard paradise completed.

My first start is creating my picnic space so I can enjoy my outdoor space as it grows and expands, next comes 2 or 3 bean beds which are 2 ft by 8 ft and that have A frames all the way down for my pole beans, then come the other 3 4x8 garden beds.

Both 2012 deadlines will take a lot of work but I plan on winning : )

I will keep updated on both my transformation and my gardens : )


  1. I have been on a similar quest to get in better shape for my son's upcoming graduation from the royal canadian mounted police school. I have managed to drop a dress size mainly I think by doing Zumba fitness dance. I have 2 left feet and cant coordinate my arms with my legs but I'm having a huge load of fun. Theres about 80 in my class, lots in worse shape than me, all having a blast. It really makes you sweat so you know it's doing good. So if you like to dance and theres a zumba class near you, I'd highly recommend it!