Saturday, February 19, 2011

Todays Work : Saturday Feb 19th 2011

Today I started 2 small garden beds a 3x3 and a 1x8 first I dug out the grass/dirt and flipped it (grass under/ dirt top) then I cleaned out the chicken coop and laid the chicken dropping straw in the new beds.. next a layer of compost.. and topped it all off with soil : )

Also I finished the chickens nest box.. I took a milk crate cut a piece of wood to fit and nailed it in place. This will keep the eggs from rolling out and breaking.

I pulled of my broccoli plants and some of the devoured lettuce.. the chard and spinach sprouts were raked under (they have been sprouts for 3 months and never grew) and the weeds were pulled.

I have one bed full of straw which will be topped and filled with compost and soil ASAP.

Tomorrow I will be going to home depot to scout if their landscape wood is on sale. And hopefully starting and finishing my picnic area : )

Hope your having a fantastic weekend!

P.S Here are a couple pictures taken this weekend in my yard!

Above: Where once I had beautiful blooms I know have baby peaches growing!

Above: A beautiful scented rose bloom

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