Sunday, March 13, 2011


So actually last weekend while herding the chickens in for the night I stopped to check my dwindling garden. The only thing left are onions and carrots. The onions won't be harvested till around august but I stopped to check on the carrots. The green growth looked wonderful so I dug my finger around the base to find out how big the carrot was... nothing! I was shocked what had I done wrong.. I wrapped the greens around my hand wiggled and pulled.. out popped a 10 inch thick beautiful orange carrot that was amazing thick. So I ran inside grabbed my harvest basket and brought my daughter out to help.
The smallest ones were the result of poor thining early on so those got tossed in the coop with the chickens the others were beautiful I had planted 2 types a long type and a short thick type.. they both did very well. Almost all but the 2nd planting (which occured a month later) were pulled up resulting in a overfull basket, my neighbors were outside and I gave them a handful, in return they gave me a baby mango tree which they said in 3 to 4 years will produce wonderful mangos : ) what a trade!
Brooke insisted that I wash off the carrots so she could dive in and eat them all up right away. I washed them all and gave her 3 large ones.. they were gone within minutes. The rest have been de greened chopped up and stored in the freezer to cook with.. yummmm!


  1. What a lucky little girl! Many kids 3 times her age have no idea where their food comes from.

  2. Please explain the proper way to thin out carrots. I have a bunch of little sprouts, and I don't want them small!

  3. i posted a thinning article just for you!