Sunday, April 10, 2011

The weathers a changin'

Yesterday the inside of my house was 87 degrees while the outside was prob in the low 90's

The chickens were seeking shade and panting.. I filled there water dish with cold water and ice cubes to help.

The cat didn't want out which is a rare occurence nowadays. And I sat around in light clothes and sweated 80% of the day.


Not just are we mammels suffering I had set out new transplants (tomato, cucumber, and melons) and they all died within 2 days!!

Well to make up for my lost starts I direct seeded all new seeds and watered them in for 2 hours at dusk, and once more today for a hour.

Luckily my chickens have decided the nest box is a good place to lay eggs and I'm getting 2 a day. One from shadow (jeresy giant) and Goldie Hen (Americuana)... Salt and Pepper has not started laying yet but hopefully she will soon!

We also fenced off a section away from the garden for the chickens to stay since I don't want them feasting on my garden like they did this winter!

: )

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  1. Omg! We have only had one day when we could wear tshirts (for a short time) There are still patches of snow in the woods. I am trying to outsmart frosty nights to get plants going under covers while you are trying to work around too much heat. Gardeners sure do have their challenges!