Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adventures in learning and recycling items...

So yesterday I went outside in the awful florida heat. It was low 90's with the sun bearing down angerly ready to scourch any uncovered skin. The chickens where hiding under their raised coop out of the sun and in the cool dirt. The sun was gleaming off the recently watered garden looking like diamonds scattered all around. But...

...I had a mission to clean up my garden area and backyard.
Recently my fiances grandmother had a tree cut down so we went and got all the pieces to use as firewood next winter. But after unloading from the car we reliezed we didn't have a spot for it all so it was scattered in piles in the front and side of our house so I took a old pallet we had laying around left over from the coop and layed. It down in the corner. I will stack our tons of wood on top of that to keep it off the ground and out of the puddles we get in a hard rain a tarp will be thrown over top.

Next I drilled holes about 2 inches up from the bottom on my daughter old plastic turtle sandbox that she has grown out of. I moved this close to the house I will fill with compost and dirt to give her a little garden she can tend to and plant whatever she wants in. The lid of the turtle sandbox now gardenbox will be used to cover the it while not in use so the soil doesn't go bad in its "off time"

I also have a baby lemon tree which is in a blue 15 gallon water saver container and has about 5 fruit on it. I dug a large hole and sunk it into the ground with only the top 4 inches showing. This way it looks nice but also will help save on water use. My water saver container is that I have a large container and drill 5 large holes about 2 inches from the bottom. This allows water to still drain but only if it reaches that point. In a drought and with water restrictions like we have this is very useful cause the roots will stretch out to find the water in those bottom 2 inches if it really needs it.

My peach tree had a problem which after reading was so my fault. It was its first year giving us fruit and it had prob between 20 to 30 fruit after some mild thinning (anything that was touching).. I ended up with a bunch of golf ball sized fruit.. very yummy and very sweet just small. I read that I should have cut down to around 5 or so for such a small tree and they would have been bigger. Next year I will know to thin them heavily. But as a bite sized snack these are amazing plus they just fall away from the pit! All in all wonderful!

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  1. How wonderful to have your own organic tropical fruit!