Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Pathways

This morning as walked pulling weeds around the garden beds I reliezed I need pathways! I kept brushing into tall grass, pricky sandspur weeds, bugs, and holes.. it made the weed pulling even worse!

So I have decided enough is enough.. pathway time! But what to use?

Sand?... no our soil is already so sandy around here why would I ever want to add more of that junk

Gravel?... Nah costly and not pleasant looking to me

Bricks?.. can look very nice but is expensive and labor intensive

Straw?.. this is what I use in my raised garden walkway because it desomposes and is good to build soil but not right for the pathways I want now


I got it! Large flat stones! I don't know where to find them.. but I will find something...

Ill set them a couple inches apart and make a nice natural looking pathway around the raised beds.. bird bath.. compost pile.. I'm excited now : ) wooo hooo

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