Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gardening in the hot hot sun

Ah the heat of Florida... low to mid 90's sun beaming down.. no shade in my yard yikes!

Its now already to late for us to plant much of anything.. of course their are some veggies that will be fine (okra, southern peas, egyptian spinach, malabar spinach, etc) but the tomatoes, melon, squash, and most other common plantables are now more till september.

I'm depressed I did not do near enough with my garden this year as I wanted to.. : / *sigh* come september I plan to be a busy bee..

Anyway today I watered all me plants buried a couple (water saver) containers and moved the chicken coop. It was against the porch blocking the view of the gardens and taking space in the only shady area of the chickens area. I moved it against one of the fences next to our wood stack and lemon tree.. hopefully this will not effect their laying

Also in the spirit of chicken keeping I did some math..
Here we go..

Roughly 3 eggs a day, about 30 days in a month.. that's 90 eggs a month

A bag of 50 pound chicken food costs me about $15 and lasts about 3 months.. that's $5 a month

90 eggs is 7.5 dozen.. $5÷7.5= .66

So roughly for every dozen eggs I get it costs me about 66 cents... the going rate for "farm fresh" eggs here seem to be between $4 and $4.75... that seems to be a huge profit.. I mean of course this $ does not account for the work and time going into the chickens.. but I enjoy raising my chickens : ) they are all named (salt &pepper, red, and shadow) and my daughter cuddles them not to mention shadow comes inside the house and sits on my lap while I pet her and watch TV

All in all raising chickens has been very rewarding for my family and I fully support everyone getting some in fact after watching ours these past 11 months are neighbor decided to get 3 of their own : )

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