Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer Garden in FL

As a florida gardener I run into many diffirent problems then northern gardeners..

Mostly lack of water, intense heat, and pests.

In my garden I have grey zuccinni, cucumbers, corn, midget honeydew, and onions going.

I planted lots of tomatoes but within a couple days of planting the seedlings wilted to black on the soil.

my peach tree is loaded with baby fruit which from ripening dates has about another month before being full grown.

My blackberry busk has baby blackberries on it as well as many blooms.

My meyer lemon has 5 baby lemons on it and well as another set of blooms : )

All 3 of my chickens are laying a egg a day and tonight I plan to make a chicken and broccoli quiche.

My yard is flooded with little grasshoppers that eat everything they can get their chompers on.

The honeysuckle that was not going well erupted into a beautiful plant and is now blooming.

The heat has been in the upper 80's to low/mid 90's.. and zaps all mosture from my plants wiliting them during the day everyday... the ground cannot hold onto any water and we have to water just about everyday.

I had to put up a small fence to keep the chickens out of the gardens since they seem to have taken a liking to scratchin my plants up.

Hope everyone is doing well! : )

Peace and much love!


  1. Just the opposite kinds of challenges here! Worrying about a possible frost tonite and that the rain after tomorrow wont make the garden too soggy for more planting. Our biggest plant chewing nuisance is slugs. Nasty slimey things have found my beans in the greenhouse. Hoping a lot of them tumble into the beer traps I set.

  2. Would you consider helping a newbie neighbor out with gardening?


  3. Hi Heather. What did you have in mind? Feel free to email me at