Friday, June 17, 2011

A days work is never done!

Today I got off work early (1pm) and headed home. We ran and did some grocery shopping then stopped at a new local thrift store and i found a utensil caddy for the table and a magazine table perfect sized for my record player and with a place to store some records! : ) my total came to $11 : )

After that we stopped at the feed store and picked up a bale of hay, some chicken scratch, and marveled at the pretty birds they have (my daughter loves them)!!

We got home and I fixed up the fence around the chicken area (they have been getting out and totally devoured my crop of honeydew)... GRRRRR! Still need to get some garden stakes as they have been going underneath it as well... Damn smart birds!

Next we broke open the hay and started spreading.. first the coop got its flooring changed with fresh hay! then i pulled weeds in the dead gardens and raked over the soil and scattered about a inch thick of hay mulch... down our couple walkways i also spread fresh hay (it feels much better in the feet then wood mulch plus it decomposes and is good for the soil!)

The chickens got some treats and loved gobbling it all up!

I hung a handmade pesticide free sign where my old scarecrow had fallen apart.
I'm planning on hanging a sign with a funky name for my gardens under it but haven't decided on a good name!! 0_0

Tonight I made some Zucchini Bread and tomorrow morning we are waking up bright and early to go downtown St. Pete to the Summer Saturday Morning Market! Over 30 vendors with local and handmade goodies!!! YAY! : )

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