Saturday, June 4, 2011

The evils of the meat you eat

There are many reasons to eat only things you grow or raise but some people like myself live in urban areas with little to no land. What can we do?

Well, we go to the grocery store.. here everything is bright lights and clean floors.. tightly wrapped, cut, priced and sectioned meat, ready to take home on the spot. Sounds wonderful right? No slaughtering, no blood, no guilty feeling? Lets take a look at this meat you eat...

I have seen the footage of these poor chickens who have no room to walk.. to move.. not even to stretch their wings, they have feeders set up in the middle of the room where chickens climb over on another and peck each other to get to it.. where these big company's are so money hungry they have no feelings toward their animals.. they have genetically engineered a chicken to grow to full slaughtering size (5.5 lbs) in 40 days.. that used to take 3-4 months in a normal chicken.. Great you say fast meat production means more for me.. your right but did you know that the rate that these chickens grow their organs cannot keep up.. that means death, or crippled chickens who can barley breathe, walk, or do anything...
In these chicken houses roughly 10 birds die a day because of the awful conditions.. feces all over, dead birds rotting, dust build up.. repulsive.
The sad thing is we cant even hold the farmers accountable in fact most of them hate it as much as i do, but these big company suck them in and never let their grip go.. demanding that growers build these houses.. that costs about $100,000 a house(they need at least 2).. then food, ventilation, water, labor, tools.. they borrow all this money get sucked into debt and only get paid $18,000 a year.. after the initial costs these company's demand upgrades that cost more money, keeping these farmers in debt so they have no choice but to follow anything the big monster says... its awful!

..and its not just chickens.. they tether baby calves to cages to keep their meat lean and soft, they store hogs in tiny cages until slaughter, and they take cows that normally eat grass, make them eat corn and it makes them sick which gets passed to us in its meat (E-coli sound familiar?).. then make these cows live in feces covered pens, no grass, no where to graze, no where to walk around..

the whole thing is sick but that's how they get the meat from their "farm" to your plate.. next time you go to the store think about that.. then turn around and find a local farmer and buy your meat from them.. it may cost more but its worth it not only to help these animals but to keep yourself safe from the diseases these new genetically altered animals, or feces covered animals may bring...

P.S: No i am not a vegetarian and no i do not support PETA but i want to know whats in my meat and where is comes from because they are part of this world and the delicate balance of earth that keeps us alive.. Search your area for a local farmer that you can buy your meat from, this is the safest and best way!!

Below is a clip from Food Inc. a must see movie if you havent already.. this is what inspired me to write this..

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