Sunday, June 12, 2011

Explaning Nature to a child

When we moved into this house 2 years ago outside my bedroom in my tree i has discovered a old birds nest. I decided not to bother it and trimmed around it. Sometime ago i discovered a mockingbird who had discovered it and made it her own. Recently i checked and there were eggs, yesterday when i looked there were eggs, today there are 3 little tiny birds whose beaks probably take up their whole face. I love nature! So i called my daughter in who has been watching the changes along with me. She was so excited to see the little babies! She gasped when they open their beaks, and laughed when they would move around. She wants to know where momma and daddy are. I told her I didn't know about daddy but mommy was off trying to find them some food. watching my daughters face as she watched the baby birds was amazing to me. To see the aw and excitement, her little faced pressed to the glass peering into the nest she doesn't want to leave but i try to explain that momma bird prob does not want us staring at her children and we must leave them in peace. It truly was inspiring to me to look around at things with fresh eyes and a new wonder. Nature is pretty amazing but most of us are so busy running around with our lives that we hardly stop to appreciate its real beauty! : )


  1. Awwwwwww How very sweet! You are lucky :)

  2. I feel it! I look at these things as tiny little miracles that i get to share. When Ronnie got home he and Brooke watched them together in the window for prob like 15 min straight! : ) I cannot wait to watch them grow into little birds!