Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flower Power and Organizing Seeds

I was talking to my friend and commented on how lovely all her flowers were looking. she said she had grown them from seed!! WHAT!?! Last time i tried all that resulted was moldy soil i can grow veggies and fruits like no ones business but give me a flower and no luck, but after her beautiful flowers and some good luck wishing i scouted my seed organizer for some flowers. I was in luck i had a TON of full flower seed packs, Shasta Daisy, baby's breath, butterfly weed, and some other good flowers!
I pulled the weeds in my front yards empty bed raked and turned soil then scattered all the seeds randomly in the garden! I'm hoping they grow and create a wildflower look which I have always found beautiful! with all this rain they have been watered in and im excited to see what happens!!
Above is all the seed packs I scattered!

Below is my garden bed right after the seeds were scattered!

Now seed organizing (this is very important!
How do you organize that basket of seed packs?
Grab the thickest binder you can find in whatever color attracts you!
I choose the type you can slip papers in the front of because that's where i keep my last seed order slip!
Next buy a pack of those trading card clear slips that fit inside a binder.. it would hold 9 cards per page but in our case 9 seed packs per page! : )
You can use this but i added 1 more thing. i used separators (with tabs) to keep a section of warm season, cold season, and herbs/flowers.. this lets me easily find what I'm looking for and what season to plant!
PRESTO! A nifty cheap organized seed binder!
One of the most important reasons to keep organized is so you know what seeds you have, more then once Ive been ready to buy seeds double check my binder before check out and low and behold I already have them!! A great project for the rainy days of summer! : )

Enjoy my friends!

Below: Here's a look inside the binder.. its show my tab, and seed packs all nicely organized!
Below: The look at my binder!


  1. You gave me this idea! It works wonderfully. I like that divider idea- I will have to do that myself.

    And I hope your flower bed does well!

  2. What a great idea! I just have all mine in shoeboxes. You know, I have an old binder that used to hold karaoke disks. I think the slots are the perfect size for a pack of seeds and maybe some growing instructions. You have inspired me! I added you to my blogroll. Hope you'll visit me at The Consummate Gardener (http://theconsummategardener.com)

  3. Fantastic! So glad i could inspire!! Thanks!