Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The future of my front yard.

If you drive past my house its nothing special. I have a single shade tree smack in the middle a currently empty garden bed and mulched walkway from the car to my front door.

But I have plans!

Along my property line on the side I plan to plant 4 banana trees each 3.5 feet from each other. I found a local nursery that sells banana plants for $8 each.. add the soil i have to amend with and the water saver buckets ill plant them in and the total for a property line comes to roughly $70.. now these bananas are supposed to produce yearly and average about 90 bananas per tree (they are slightly smaller then store bought but sweeter and tastier) plus i think they will add a nice tropical look to my Florida yard.
In front of the bananas i plan to great a 4x4 raised bed to plant cooking ginger.
Along my walkway I plan on placing wildflowers that will come back year after year!

Heres a Neon Paint version of my banana trees to come! ; )

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