Sunday, June 19, 2011

The gardens have been named!

Everyone after much thought and great ideas from friends and family I have finally come up with a name!!

Sunny Spot Gardens

My yard has no shade so it is a very sunny spot as well as living here in the sunshine state so what better way to pay tribute??

: )

I did some more work in sunny spot today watering, pulling weeds, and yanking back grass in the pathways so I could put down hay.

Its in the upper 90's with something around the lines on 65% humidity.. YIKES!
I was pouring out buckets of sweat but it felt good to be close to the earth. I held the warm soil in my hands and watched the little bugs walk around..

As i yanked out the grass and other Florida weeds i through them over the fence into the chicken area creating a large pile.
They loved it!! Right away they started pecking through it finding bugs, seeds, and other goodies, kicking around the dirt, their claws and beaks will rip apart the roots, stems, and leaves making it easier for the plant matter to break down and help create more fertile soil!
Its a beautiful circle and nothing goes to waste!

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