Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy fathers day to all the dads out there today!

For my fiance my daughter got him a assortment of strange meats. When I say strange I just mean meat we don't eat on a daily basis. He got lamb for gyros, gator tail, venison steaks, and a whole rabbit.

There's a little meat market down the road that's on my way home from work and they are the only store I found that sells diffirent meats.

Also he got a sweet card from "his little princess" and some stuffed peppers.

For dinner I will be making salmon, red mashed potatoes, and sweet corn on the cob.

Ronnie has already left for work so today I'm doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, and working in the gardens! Busy busy before I start my work week!

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