Monday, June 27, 2011

Its just a little rain... Right?

Day 4:

I woke up to rumbling and windows rattling, dark skies outside my bedroom window, the trees blowing in the wind.
I laid in bed for a while longer listening to the sound of rain on the roof and against the windows. Its now day 4 of continuous dark skies and storms but I'm not complaining.
I got up and lit the oil lamp getting slowly out of bed so I didn't wake Ronnie, I peeked into Brooke's room and watched her a minute sleeping so soundly under her princess sheets. I went to the living room and set the lamp next to my favorite chair while I sat down and slip on some sandals to head outside.

I stood on my back porch watching the steady stream of rain fall from the grey skies, the sound is so soothing on the metal porch roof, I decided it wasn't going to stop so I grabbed my feed container and headed out. Opening the chickens door they made all sorts of clucking happy sounds ready to go explore the wet dirt in hopes of finding little bugs and other goodies. I filled the feed dish and gave each one a pat and a good morning as they hurried past me into the rain. Clucking happily they immediately started scratching around and pecking getting all sorts of yummy treats but knowing me they soon stopped pecking and surrounded me hoping for a morning treat of course I had something for them..
Somewhat stale crackers from the cupboard and the tops of strawberries my daughter didn't eat. I dumped it in front of them and the shook their feathers at me digging in... spoiled birds! : )

By this time I was soaked but cool which is amazing for summer in FL, I decided it wouldn't hurt to go explore the gardens. I opened the chicken enclosure door and headed to the gardens. The soil was black and muddy but the plants seemed to be enjoying it.. spreading their leaves and soaking up all they could get. My okra seedlings have developed their true leaves and seem to be getting larger everyday, I can't wait to make pickled okra! My corn failed this season as I didn't plant them right and gave them such a small space they couldn't pollinate properly so yesterday while I weeded I yanked the corn stalks out and through them into the compost. My melon plant doesn't seem to be producing anymore melons after the chicken destroyed the first 4 and ill soon pull that. After checking on everything I headed back inside where I discovered both Ronnie and Brooke were now awake.

I decided to make breakfast and scrambled some of our fresh eggs with Canadian bacon, bell peppers, onion, and goat cheese yummm! Everyone sat down and chowed. By this time the rained had stopped and cleared to sunny skies and muggy heat! I cleaned the cast iron and seasoned it hanging it back over our bar. Today I plan on getting some reading as well as head to work soon!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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  1. Just found your blog & I am in Tampa too! Finally we have gotten some rain, right? Makes me happy. Do you sell your eggs?

  2. Hey!!! I'm so excited about the rain! : ) my rain barrel is filled and everything looks so much better!! I haven't sold my eggs seeing as how i only have 3 birds but the way they are spitting them out i might soon have to sell to a select few! : ) thanks for finding me!!

  3. Yes, the rains have certainly been welcome :)