Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let them drink Soda!

Got Kids?

I'm sure all parents who drink soda know their children want some as well. but is it ok to give your child Pepsi or Coke?
Not only is it super sweet, but also filled with unknown chemicals and GMO products. I drink sierra mist natural and while its ingredient list is i think 5 products long while most sodas are about 10 I still would not and will not be happy or feel comfortable giving my daughter this drink.

So what are you supposed to do after you pour yourself a glass and hear non stop begging to have a sip or have a glass???
Make a child friendly soda!!

What I do is take my daughters favorite juice (Grape but you can use your child's fav) and sparkling water. I pour a 1/4 glass with her juice then add sparkling soda until the glass is 3/4 full. Serve!

Not only does it make her happy that she is having "soda" but its actually better (sugar wise) for her then a full glass of juice. Its a win win for me!

Plus its not to shabby and on occasion i make myself a glass! Its definitely a lot better for me then real soda!

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