Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lets waste less..

So when you go to the store you stock your fridge with essentially A LOT of trash and some food.. not in the literal sense but every piece of food is wrapped, bagged, boxed, etc which will eventually wind up in the land fill.. why don't we cut down on this consumption of waste?
Buy bulk beans that you can take right from the plastic holder and scoop into a reusable cotton bag, or when we get our fruit and veggies do we really need those flimsy plastic bags?
I mean what would happen if the apple touched the orange or the lettuce and tomato touched?
Nothing bad I can assure you.

So while I make this simple change in my life I suggest everyone who reads this does as well.. maybe it cuts down on 2% of your garbage but its something! Also go green and don't use plastic or paper for your groceries use no bag or the fabric ones! There's a little more waste gone from your life and our trash dump : )

Also.. compost your food scraps either in a compost or worm bin, water your plants with watered down expired milk.. recycle all glass, plastic, and cardboard...

Just imagine a world where everyone did this and just how much it could benefit the earth and each other..
Do your part today : )

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