Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pictures from around Sunny Spot!

On rainy days i get itchy for something to do so this morning i went around and took some shots of the house and outside! Enjoy!

Below: Chickens in the rain!

Below: My collection of mantle books : )

Below: My beautiful daughter saying Cheese!!

Below: My cast iron collection.. My fav cookware

Below: Fried Cheese Curds- A northern favorite that I missed but finally made

Below: Rain from the porch

Above: A look at my dining room table.. A old stained red tablecloth topped with a lace curtain panel that cost $2 : ) Looks awesome!

Below: My fireplace

Below: A peace sign I made out of broken cds!


  1. I love the CD cover peace sign, what a great way to turn something that most people would toss out into art!

  2. Thanks! I love it.. im thinking about making more once i run into more cds people are throwing away i can save!!