Friday, July 8, 2011

All good things must come to an end

Well this week I took some much needed time off work to relax, clean and organize the house, as well as get started on the backyard work! Sadly this vacation time is coming to a end and Monday i must head back to "real" life *sigh* it was nice while it lasted though! I think i was productive as well as relaxing!

I got my blueberry patch finished! 4 plants with room to add 2 more, I also started my blackberry patch with 3 plants that will spread and turn into a nice patch as blackberry's send out canes I still have to set up blocks around the edge to help keep the grass, sand, etc out and keep the rich compost soil in!

My fig that I pulled up and replanted is not looking so good but will hopefully recover and quickly!

The rain today flooded out my backyard. It started at around 10 and stopped around 6 well when i say stop i mean the downpour we are still having spurts of sprinkles! I would say my new fruit plants are well watered in! We are expecting more rain tomorrow but probably not a wash out like today.

This week my friend and I went to Parkesdale Farm Market in Plant City where we enjoyed a strawberry milkshake, did some produce shopping, and looked at their plants for sale. They have Raspberry plants for $4, blueberry plants for $6, and grape plants for $9! I will be having the DF (dear fiance ;) )build a arbor soon so i can get a couple grape vines, but as you see above i bought some blue and black berry plants!

My focus this next week is to design my backyard, get a rototiller over here so i can till up this forsaken grass and start building the remaining needed garden beds!
I'm looking to make two 4x16 beds and two 4x8 beds. I'm on the lookout for concrete blocks REALLY REALLY cheap or FREE (anyone on here??) to help create those beds.. Large logs work well to!

This season I'm thinking about starting up a little front yard business selling transplants and other plants. Anyone interested in something like that?

I also have some exciting news as I was asked to be apart of WMNFs sustainable living show with Jon Butts! It was supposed to be this coming Monday the 11th but my "real" job interfered so I had to decline. He did say that we would have to plan a future date to have me come on the show and when that happens I'll let you know!

Happy Weekend!

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