Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bakers Creek Seeds VS. Other seed comp

So im sitting going through my seeds so i can get started planning when i open my pepper packet there is nothing there!!!! AHHHHH

I cannot believe I put an empty pack back so now I have to order more seeds!
I get on my favorite site ( Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds and start adding. As always I go through each catagory..
My first addition was a cauliflower, I have never grown cauliflower but knew I wanted a self blanching type (the act of tying leaves around the growing head so it stays white instead turning yellow). I found one called Snowball.
I did a google search of the seed and the first pop up was seed savers exchange. There you get 50 seeds for $2.75, I click back to bakers creek there you get 200 seed for $2.25.
Well this sparked my interest and I started doing it with every seed I wanted to order:

SNOW BALL: $2.25 for 200 seed at Bakers Creek VS. $2.75 for 50 seed at Seed Saver Exchange

Violet De Galmi Onion: $2.50 for 300 seeds at Bakers Creek VS. Nowhere (I could not find this seed anywhere else)

Little Marvel Garden Pea: $2.25 for 100 seeds at Bakers Creek VS. $2 for 1 oz of seed at Victory Seeds

Thai Red Chilli: $2.50 for 25-50 seeds at Bakers Creek VS. $2.89 for 75 (non-organic) seeds at Gourmet Seed

Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper: Both Bakers Creek and Mountain Meadows had this seed for $2.50 for 25-50 seeds

Jupiter Pepper: $2.50 for 25 seeds at Bakers Creek VS. $2.50 for 20 seeds at Reimer Seeds

Cosmic Purple Carrot: $3 for 800 seeds at Bakers Creek VS. $2.50 for 650 seeds at Victory Seed

Echinacea Purpurea: $2.50 for 50 seeds at Bakers Creek VS. $3 for 50 seeds on Local Harvest

Henderson's - Charleston Wakefield: Both Bakers Creek and Sustainable Seed had this priced at $2 for 300 seeds

What my goal was to show that shopping around is a great thing for every item you buy including seed. Not to mention different company's have different descriptions and reviews so it can help make up your mind if your torn between 2 types. Like i found out that Henderson's - Charleston Wakefield Cabbage is actually recommend by my state as a great variety to plant! : )

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