Friday, July 22, 2011

A catch up

So this week has been busy between stress at work and trying to get the tilling done.

So after i tore up a large chunk of our backyard with the tiller, Ronnie went to work on the front yard and did the same thing! : ) We are now all dirt and ready to plant!!
I want banana trees in the front, maybe some papaya, as well as a couple garden beds, and flowers along the sidewalk. In the back will be almost all garden beds with the occasional fruit tree!

Ronnie found me this cool metal rack that connects overhead on the side of the road. That rack is now set up where you walk out of the chicken area and into the garden area! Pots of herbs will sit on the rack except the top shelf where i plan to put some flowering vine plant to cover the top.. maybe passion flower or climbing jasmine!

I got enough concrete blocks for the ends of the new beds but dont have the funds to complete the beds or fill them up! : (

I moved the 2 strawberry beds slightly but they are empty until i get some plants.

I started a trellis (a-frame type) out of some downed scrap trees and just need to collect more branches to complete it!

We moved large pieces of a downed tree from the side of our house the the back stacked on a pallet, these will be our firewood this year as it has been seasoning for over 6 months! : )

Its been a busy week and Im glad the weekend is here! Maybe some relaxing, blogging of course, and working outside is a must! I have to get those darn seeds started!!!

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