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Local Farmer Spotlight: Kuntzelman Family

If you could choose would you pick meat that has been sprayed with who knows what, driven hundreds of miles from a factory farm who knows where, made with unknown parts ground together with such a high fat content people who have heart problems are told to stay far away over local pasture raised grass fed happy cows/sheep/chickens that meats so rich in omega 3 and so low in fat heart patients are allowed to eat it and sometimes even encouraged to??? I mean really what would you choose?

Well I choose the latter and went out to visit the Kuntzelman family to pick up my locally raised meat, and meet the family and the animals.

Brooke, my grandma, and I made the 30 minute trip to Dover and pulled up in front of this cute humble home with rolling fields and tall grass in the back.. a beautiful golden retriever jumped up at our arrival but soon settled back under the shade of a big tree, I walked up the driveway to find a young man and woman sitting outside enjoying their view and having some cold water, a baby monitor sat on the table. I introduced myself, my daughter and my grandma after we all shook hands we started the tour.

First close to the house was a large brooder with heat lamps and little 3 day old chicks running around.. Ahh! I remember having chicks : )
Next was a large area of the pasture fenced off where a metal chicken house sat and I saw laying hens and a couple roosters walking around and some happily hiding in the tall grasses!
Then on to the meat chickens which were in a box like structure that gets moved around the pasture everyday allowing the birds to have fresh grass and scratch the metal box had a large blue tarp over top to keep the awful FL heat from hurting them.

Next it was time to see the cattle/sheep/and goats! We walked over wild blackberries, cow patties where you could see worms have already started devouring, and through knee high grasses.. this is the life! My grandma wasn't enjoying it quite as much and is so the green acres theme song! Once we got close the goats rushed over and the cattle looked excited. The owners had brought treats for us to feed them! Brooke tried so hard to feed the cow but didn't understand to keep her hand there when the cow went to take it so my grandma fed them getting licked in the process while Brooke and I pet them. The sheep kept their distance munching grass and other weeds in the field. The goats though came right over and Brooke got to pet them as well she LOVED it and didn't want to go!
We walked back to the house passing a little garden where sweet corn and some winter squash was growing. When we got there we did some talking and he brought up a good point.. ever driven passed cows and they are in a field of neatly cut grass that maybe a inch or two tall??? Yea me 2 and that's how you know they are on grain feed.. in order to be grass fed that grass will have to be tall and thick for the cows to be able to eat and live off it!!!

At the ranch they use all natural methods but like a lot of small farmers cannot afford the "organic" license, fine by me as long as they continue to use organic/natural methods.
Life is a beautiful circle which modern agriculture has ruined and this farm is bringing it back!!!

Congrats Kuntzelman Family!

Here is their price list:
(Prices subject to change please call them for current prices)

Boneless Skinless breast ~ $8/lb
Wings ~ $5/lb
Whole Chicken ~ $3/lb
Pasture Fresh Eggs ~ $3.50/dz

Lamb Chop - $10/lb
Leg Chop - $9/lb
Whole Leg of Lamb - $9/lb
Leg Roast - $7/lb
Shoulder Roast - $6.50/lb
Split Rack of Ribs - $8/lb
Ground Lamb - $7.50/lb
Bone in Stew Meat - $5/lb

Ground Beef: $6/lb (over 10 pounds price drops)

And a brief summary right from the owners themselves:

We came to farm after we decided to "opt out" of the conventional food system. We wanted to produce the healthiest and best tasting food on the planet for our family and then we decided we wanted to provide it for others too! We are still very small but the demand for our products if huge. However we are growing slowly so that we don't compromise quality just to get bigger.

Beef/Lamb - From birth to death our cattle and sheep eat nothing but grass and/or hay when the grass isn't growing. We provide them with an organic mineral supplement and move them to a fresh salad bar of grass daily.

Chicken - We raise our chickens on pasture in floorless pens that provide protection from predators and elements. In addition to grass and bugs they get a locally milled grain ration.

Eggs - Our hens rotate behind the cattle and sheep to scratch though the cow pies and eat fly larvae and parasites that can hurt the cows the next time they come into that pasture. In addition to bugs and grass they also get a locally milled grain ration.

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