Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grass Be Gone

So thanks to the kindness of Jerry I sit here typing this while cooling off.
My backyard has been tilled. The entire section I wanted cleared is now ready for building.

I know I want a couple long beds but after I type this out I plan on sitting down and figuring out what type of beds I need then planning it out. I spent probably over 10 hours this weekend removing the smaller garden beds, tilling, raking, cutting down dead trees to use for bean trellis building, and other garden work.. I'm sunburnt and tired but had a very productive weekend!

I ordered a small order of seeds from Bakers Creek including some cabbage and carrots and some purple and yellow coneflowers!

I also plan on starting seed today.. tomato, pepper, and some other longer growing seeds.. beans and squash sprout to fast to start right now!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!

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