Saturday, July 16, 2011


Jerry I want to take a minute to thank you again.

This gentleman and his wonderful family came over to my place yesterday bearing gifts!
A rototiller to borrow (MAJOR SCORE), a bag of wonderful looking assorted eggplants (YUMM), and some minerals (ORGANIC) to add to my soil!

I hugely appreciate this kind act of generosity! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I love the face to face interaction with other like minded people, and love meeting my readers!

Today I plan on tilling my backyard! Next to my current beds i have ALL grass.. I want it gone!!! Once tilled I have options more garden beds of course, but maybe some flowers, herbs, trees, more fruit bushes, maybe some ground cover.. The possibilities are endless and anything besides grass and weeds will be a life changing event! : )

Once my urban farm is done being under construction I plan on having a get together with all of you who can attend! A potluck of sorts complete with a bonfire! More details on that in the near future! : )

Thank you again Jerry!!

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