Saturday, July 23, 2011

The PERFECT Summer Drink

The hottest days of the year are upon us so many ask the question...
What is the perfect summer drink?
Something cool, light and refreshing.....

Yes I know that was a boring answer but this is the perfect summer drink and all it needs is a little pick me up!

A beautiful herb/flower that can grow huge with squash like leaves and bright purple flowers.
Trim off the flowers as they bloom and add 1 to your ice cubes as you make them. Not only does this make every ice cube fun and perfect for get togethers or cute for kids it can cool you down as well.. read on! Also trim the young small leaves crush between your fingers and place in the bottom of your cup before pouring in some water. The leaves (flowers to but to a lesser effect) have a cooling liquid stored inside them so when you crush and add to your glass of water it actual cools the water and as you ingest in turn cools you. : ) All Natural Cooling agent friends!

Slice up a cucumber and place slices in a pitcher of water for a slight refreshing taste!

Citrus(Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit):
Take a fresh citrus fruit and slice into think slices place into a pitcher and add water, store in fridge for 1-2 hours. Pour and enjoy a infused fruit water drink!

Ah Mint cool and refreshing at the same time! Cut some sprigs of fresh mint from your plant and place into a pitcher, pour water over top and steep for 1-2 hours! Enjoy a cup of refreshing cooling water! Try different types of mint.. apple mint, spearmint, classic mint, etc

Summer is the time for mangoes and at supermarkets and farmers markets your bound to find some cheap. Slice them up throw into a pitcher add water and steep for 2 hours, add some stevia or agave as a sweetener and enjoy your fresh and fruity drink!

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