Monday, July 18, 2011

The Urban Farming Bug

It started as a thought and turned into a full blown lifestyle!

As i sat in my small apartment bouncing a little baby on my lap I thought why couldn't I grow my own food, so i tore up the 5x5 area outside the front door and planted. It grew and that small plot gave me a bug that grew along with the plants.

When we moved into our house on a 1/4 acre the bug was unleashed and out popped the first small garden. Seeing the delight in my young daughters eyes as she ate beans and tomatoes right from the plant fueled my bug even more. So i built a larger garden, then another larger garden, then 3 smaller gardens, now I rid my yard of the weed called grass and am planning 3 more LARGE garden beds as well as a Sunflower patch and a bean trellis bed.

This is not to mention my peach tree, lemon tree, fig tree and new blueberry and blackberry patches. I'm addicted. I work 40+ hours at my "real" job then come home to work all weekend in my under construction urban farm but it feels great! Like I'm making a difference 1 garden bed at a time!

My 3 year plan will have banana plants in the front yard as well as flowers, herbs, and a mix of veggies, my backyard will have 2 peach trees, 2 apple trees, my lemon tree, my fig tree, a established blue and black berry patch, 2 strawberry rows, plus more veggies and fruits then a 3 person family can eat (I have a deep freezer and a canning set on standby)not to mention my lovely chickens blessing us with eggs everyday and maybe even enlarging the flock to 5 little fun birds!

I consider myself very lucky to be able to share my adventures with you while I grow and also grow my Urban Farm!!!

Barn hop..HERE!

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