Saturday, July 2, 2011

What a great start to July!

Oh friends do I have things to share!
First of all,
Those flower seeds i scattered last weekend? SPROUTED!!! I'm so happy and hope more continue to sprout and grow into big beautiful flowers!

This morning my grandma, Brooke and I made a trip to Sunset Ranch (which will be making the eat local spotlight this weekend!!!) We picked up pasture raised, grass fed meat! Ground Beef, Lamb Chops, Whole Chicken and chicken wings! We met some cows where Brooke loved petting them and my Grandma got licked! : ) We also got to see some goats (Brooke pet those 2) and some sheep!

After the Ranch we made a trip to Parksdale farms where we have not been since my Great Grandmother passed away and I was a little girl. We enjoyed their famous fresh strawberry milkshake while Brooke had ice cream then shopped. Man did we shop, Little wood baskets perfect for everything from storing items to harvesting, LOTS of fruits and veggies, and plants! I got my friend Jennifer over at Gardening for Newbies a holly plant which she has really been wanting, I got myself 2 raspberry plants, 1 blueberry, and star jasmine which has such a wonderful sweet smell!

On top of all this wonderful news and adventures today I have started my 9 day vacation where I plan on potty training my daughter, Planting all my new plants, weeding, painting the shed, and laying down bricks around the bush and bird bath!!

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