Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Woes of Florida Soil

So do you have so much garden space your little compost pile can't make enough to keep up? Yes? Then keep reading!
I'm here to explain some different types of soil improving that you can start now and be able to use come next season..

Sheet compost.. start by tilling up your grass, lay down sheets of newspaper all over the area you will be planting, after the newspaper water in down, top with hay and grass clippings, then on top of that add some well rotted farm animal poop (rabbit, chicken, horse).. top all that with another layer of hay.. after 2 months of sitting till into soil.. wait another 2 months and start planting

Another way is kind of a combo method.. as normal till up the area you want to plant. Take tree trimmings, grass clippings, dead leaves, hay, vegetable throwaways, fruit rinds, ripped up newspaper and dig out 6 inch trenches every 3 ft in your garden fill with these mixtures of "trash".. set fire to all this waste after it starts smoking (grey smoke) cover with your soil, wait until the next day and. Till the burnt charcoal pieces into your whole garden then top hay after 2 or so inches of hay add well farm animal manure (as before you can check craigslist for this)

And the most expensive way is creating the perfect dirt using bagged top soil, peat moss, vermiculite, and compost (in ratios of 1:4) a bail of vermiculite and peat moss are between $10 and $20 a bail and top soil and bagged compost runs between $1.50 and $3 a bag so on the small scale this may be the better route for some since one mixed and spread you can plant right away but larger scale this gets expensive!

I hope you can find a way using these or other methods to improve your soil.. and my best advice for what to do with your Florida "soil" after you dig it out is TOSS IT (or use it to make a sand box)

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  1. I've found sheet mulching to be the best way. I don't even till it. Sometimes you can dig up the turf and flip it over then do the same thing. Or I just put some cardboard right over the lawn, cover with manure and mulch. I'm over East of you, near Cape Canaveral. I blog about turning my patch of sand into soil too, among other things :)