Saturday, July 9, 2011

Woodstock Mentality

Is it possible to have another Woodstock? or has the culture changed to much?
First ask yourself this and answer it then read on...

Woodstock is looked upon by many as a definitive time in American history and has gained popularity and even kids know about it but what was it really?
A music festival? Yes but so much more! this was a time when over 400,000 people came together as a family joined hands and suffered together but through that loved each other respected each other and grew. Lack of water, food, bathrooms didn't cause these people to attack and turn on each other! No these people helped each other and did what they could to make those days the best of their life! They succeeded!
It may not be something we think about in daily life but what if we did? Would it help us all get along? Would it be possible to have another Woodstock? It has been tried many times but people seem to have forgotten what Woodstock was really about. Not the music that was a additive, Woodstock ended up being about love for each other.
Sadly I don't think another Woodstock would be possible in this day and age. We have been filled with anger and hostility. We curse each other and hurt each other. Its sad to me as I look around and see how angry people are in day to day activity. How I wish i could have been apart of Woodstock to experience the love, and freedom and of course here to many wonderful artists who passed to soon!

Maybe if there is one thing you take away from this blog please take this. In your day to day life catch yourself getting angry and push it away. That car that cuts you off think to yourself at least I'm not hurt and continue on your day.
Don't hold onto anger or it will eat you alive, don't harbor sadness or it will consume you, live your life a little more free and happy and other will catch your vibes and maybe together we can have a Woodstock movement right here in our own city.

Listen to the power in this song and all that is explained without a word:


  1. What a great commentary Brittany. I'm of the Woodstock generation. That was just an amazing event and time (great music too). There was so much drug use though and I think that is what sabotaged the Woodstock nation. You can't think or act wisely when your consciousness is fogged by drugs. I agree there is so much anger today, but people are so stressed by the circumstances of their lives. We know instinctively our planet is being destroyed even if many are not consciously aware. Add in the financial machinations of corporations and governments and the effects of climate change and how do people get out of bed in the morning and function? I like your solution, consciously choosing a different response to difficult situations.

  2. Since i wrote that I've been trying to be more aware of how I react to situations. Sadly more often then not the first reaction is anger. That person just cut me off now for the next 10 minutes I'm cursing them, That person was so rude Im fuming about it for another 30 minutes.. I now have to catch myself take a deep breathe and try to reverse that state of mind. Its hard work and I hope meditation can help!

    P.S~ Your so lucky I would have loved to be apart of Woodstock, and yes i agree the crazy amounts of drug use probably did ruin the Woodstock Culture : ( Sadly people who start with a simple drug sometimes end up on much more heavy dangerous drugs

    Thanks for reading!!