Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The World After Mondestro ( A short story)

I have written a FICTIONAL short story in journal form about life after Mondestro's take over.

Friday: September 28th, 2034

It was a quiet afternoon, fog hung around us like a veil of doom. The sky had gone dark with monstrous looking clouds rolling in from the north bringing flashes of light illuminating the tired and ragged appearances of those around me.

Hundreds of us all stood jammed into a building that once was a seed bank. Now empty and deserted cob webs hung in every corner you could see, empty shelves hung, some by just a nail with labels of what used to be. The only thing in the room besides us was a platform in the front with a single stand and a microphone.

We all waited silently as if hoping for a miracle. On to the stage walked the last remaining heirloom farmer. Looking exhausted he got up to the platform. "Friends," he started "today I come with bad news.. Mondestro has seized my remaining crops, cleaned out my storage of seeds, and told me I would be thrown in jail if I planted any other heirloom vegetables or fruits." We all just looked on in horror. " I'm sorry friends" he continued " today I bring no food and will not be able to bring anymore, we must all move onto the next town and see if there's anyone left who can help us"

My head got foggy and I felt like I was going to pass out, I hadn't had anything to eat in 3 days.. I couldn't bear to eat that GMO food that Mondestro forced us to. It makes people sick, many have died. My own family were all sick depending on me to bring them "real" food to help them get better. Now our last remaining farmer has been destroyed and left us all with nothing. I pushed through the crowd to the outside. There stood Mondestro's Force, waiting for us like we were animals to hunt down.

As soon as we stepped outside those seed bank doors they started arresting us for supporting the "evil", throwing to the dusty ground women, children, and elderly not caring. All they knew was we were against them and the GMO crops so there for we were terrorists. I ran for my life knowing that none of the people who went to Mondestro's Jail came back. I could hear the screaming behind me as people fought with the little strength they had left. I cried as I ran, how could this have happened? Why, why did we let this happen?
I got home shut and locked the doors behind me, blew out the candles and shut the curtains tight. I told my family to not make a sound. Outside we could hear the sounds of their troops marching through the streets and the sounds of people crying. It was a awful feeling and we have seen it happen way to often.
Mondestro who changed the world slowly with their Biotech crops killed off most of the livestock by feeding them GMO corn instead of grass, then they killed the grass and fruits and vegetables by spraying their toxic chemicals over all the land wiping everything out besides their special modified crops. A mass panic set in as peoples children got sick, the elderly died, many otherwise healthy people got fatal diseases like cancer.

At this point Mondestro (known as Monster Destroyer by the resistance) had their grips on our entire food system and what they said went. Courts were wiped out replaced by total rulers, farmers were left with nothing unless they wanted to plant GMO and a lot did until their families got sick from it. then they fled to who knows where. The entire United States became a sick nation ruled by the all mighty powerful Mondestro! We the people were left with nothing but our will. Some of us started the resistance, a group of people hell bent on bringing back "real" food, the food that made us healthy and happy. We joined together and some farmers joined us. We converted barns into grow houses for organic heirloom food, we raised chickens and fed them some of the grown food and scrapes. We went weekly to the old seed bank secretly to pick up our rations. We would all donate our time to help out on the farm and in return we shared the harvest. We had a good set up people were getting slowly recovering.. that is until this week. Now here I am hiding from those monsters with my family with no food and dwindling hope.
I dont know how much longer we can do this... how much longer can we hold out against the most powerful force this world has ever seen!
God save us all.


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  2. You have my attention I emailed you! Thanks for the comment!