Saturday, August 20, 2011

Damn Chickens and My Rainy Day


I don't know how but the chickens got over the fence again today... first time in a couple months (since I clipped their wings). Anyways I wouldn't really care except for the fact that they ate the tops on all my pole beans so now its just the stem which with no leaves will die within the next day : (

Tomorrow I will test to see if they can get out again if so ill fix up the fence, then replant the pole beans.. I hope I have enough seeds.... my corn is doing pretty well I have 2 seeds I have to place and 2 seeds I'm waiting to sprout

The last 3 days we have had a soaking 2 days of brief heavy rain and today we had HOURS of heavy storms, in the car I couldn't see 3 feet ahead on me, street lights that weren't working, the lightning flashing so close followed by the huge loud boom of the thunder that shook my car made for some white knuckled driving as I hoped that Green After Dark in Citrus Park was not rained out.. I stopped at Ronnies work for a quick breather and to say hi, while I was their the storm seemed to worsen knocking out the power and setting off car alarms in the parking lot... I knew the event was going to be rained out but hoping they were still there so I could grab some organic fresh lettuce I drove over, parked, and ran to the big lit up tent.. many people were gathered staying dry while the ground under us flooded with over 6 inches.. everyone was packing up but I was told the event was rescheduled for next Saturday at 5pm to 9pm..

When we got home it was still raining but slowing and I was already soaked to the bone so I went out back and started pulling weeds and stray grass, it was perfect.. light rain, no sun, cool breeze, and the rain kept the bugs at bay..
I spread some hay mulch, yanked grass, and checked my new beds.. the squash seeds we planted Thursday moring were already sprouting =: ) so now I really have to make sure the chickens stay out!!!


  1. Your chickens seem like they are very mischievous! I'm upset at the squirrels myself, I watched one dig up my pumpkin seeds I had just planted and run away with it!

  2. Oh they really are quite the silly chickens but we love them =: ).. my pumpkin seeds are just sprouting with my other squash seeds.. I found that if I set up bird feeders and "feed" the squirrels they tend to leave my gardens alone.. just a thought =: )

  3. I can't recall how many times I've been chasing my chickens around swearing at them and hoping the neighbors don't call the cops as I'm running through their yard in hot pursuit of my hens.