Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Green After Dark Event

It was a beautiful day, sun shining, white clouds in the sky like marshmallows, just the right amount of breeze..

At 5 o'clock I jumped into my car and made the 20 minute drive to citrus park/ odessa to be apart of the first ever Green After Dark.

A wonderful green grass spot between 2 shopping plazas, large trees along the outteredges left a wonderful grass center for kids to run and play. the vendors were set up under the trees, their tents rising from the ground like colorful artwork, goods scattered on tables waiting for someone to come along and buy them.

I started at the front with Twisted Mind Rusty Metal a wonderful company owned by the 2 sweetest people! they take rusty old metal objects and turn them into fantastic pieces of artwork! From flying pigs, to large sunflowers, and this is not to mention their prices!! No $200 works of "art" here no way the highest priced item i think i saw may have been $50!!! Last time we saw them my daughter got what we call her spark plus bug, a fun little garden stake with a spark plug turned dragonfly!

Next was Gro-Organic whose mission is to "Restore the American Dream" by educating the public about the importance of independent thought, lifestyles, and actions. They are not just a gardening company. Their "BACK TO BASICS" concept encourages their supporters to become more self sufficent therefore Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle that will endure.

Then there was the fantastic Whatever Pops

OH MY GOODNESS! is all I can say, we split the Strawberry Shortcake and it was amazing! I have never and i repeat NEVER had such a yummy Popsicle! My 3 year old chowed down and Ronnie and I had to fight to get some! It was a $3 VERY well spent!!! I mean come on, Whatever Pops are handcrafted, natural, gourmet ice pops! Plus they use local ingredients from local farmers' markets in the area, and change flavors weekly! Go see us at Wiregrass, Hyde Park, Odessa, Green After Dark and Seminole Heights markets! AMAZING!!! You cant beat this to cool you down anytime!

Next stop was the Pleasure Comp where these super sweet ladies dusted me with their natural honey powder that keeps you dry, and smooth.. Hot weather chaffing say your prayers!!!

Next Stop... Fisher Honey Bees, where we tested their fantastic honey, and ended up buying a piece of honey comb that's bursting with fantastic honey!
Super local honey is the best especially after the news of that tainted honey! They Use NO Chemicals!!! Just all natural bee keeping. They also NEVER heat the honey!!!

Inside the large tent was Going Green Tampa which is part of the founders of this wonderful event so a HUGE shout-out to them for this fantastic event!!!!
They were handing out samples of tofurkey and raw revolution! YUM!

Next stop also under the giant tent was Green Acre Organics, 2 wonderful women who grow aquaponically right in our local area! There mixed greens are fantastic and since here in FL during the summer months its almost impossible to have fresh organic lettuce this company has been my summer salad heros!!!!

My Last Stop was with my all time favorite company and a VERY sweet couple.
GreenDreams is a fantastic company. They started this business to promote self-sustaining options for communities & to expand awareness regarding the issues we face environmentally, financially, & physiologically. They hold sustainability classes or private consultation so that we can teach locals how & why to grow their own... nutritious food during this tough economic time.
They even design & install urban farms, backyard homesteads, community gardens & learning gardens for schools in the Tampa Bay area. We provide consultations/classes & also have an edible nursery at our office location (hours of operation are flexible: please call ahead).
Green Dreams is in the beginning stages of utilizing sustainable methods of growing to develop our own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture/Co-Op). They believe that the future of our health is directly related to the food on the table. These massive Wall Street corporations, that call themselves farmers, have left this beautiful planet & the health of our children in a heap of trouble. Email ,call or get in contact with this company not only will you find they are amazing people but what they believe in is something we all should! Not only all that great news but they sell moringa the worlds most nutritional vegetable tree! Which I am now the super proud owner of thanks to them! : )

There were more fantastic vendors that i did not have a chance to stop at!
This was such a fantastic event i ask you all for yourselves to attend the next event.. Like these companys on Facebook and stay up to date with the latest events and news!!!


  1. Thanks so much for your posting of our Green After Dark event! It was nice meeting you and I am glad you appreciated the efforts of all who were involved. That's why we're doing it again on Sept. 17!

  2. Awesome so sorry i missed it had to though but Sept 17 is close!