Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here comes the rain again...

Well after a fairly dry season, thank goodness for the rain barrel or my water bill would have been skyrocketing, it seems we have gotten into a rain pattern and I thank mother nature for that!

Yesterday I got maybe 1/2 inch but today was wonderfully rainy and we reached about 4 inches here!!!!
This is not to mention they expect it to be just as rainy tomorrow : )
I'm sure my newly sprouted beans, strawberrys, and bananas are loving this tropical moisture.

On my way into work today I ran the 100 steps from my car to the front door and was still so soaked that I was literally dripping water and slushing around. My boss was very sweet and gave me a dry shirt to change into.
I love rain and storms not only because that means I don't have to water but also because everything looks so green and happy after a storm, driving home from work I marvled at how green the trees were, and how the grasses shined with rain beads.

Well I'm getting a early start to bed tonight so I can hopefully catch up on sleep I've been lacking the past 2 days and maybe get up early enough that its not raining and I can do some outdoors work before those wonderful storms move in : )

Thanks to our new readers for joining : )


  1. Do you grow strawberries from seed? Or do you get little plants from like home depot? I've always thought it takes like 2 years for them to start producing berries, was i wrong? lol
    Are they doing ok here in Florida? I mean do they survive summer heat or do you grow them as annuals? What kind of bananas did you plant btw? I've pretty much read most of your blog after I found it on craigslist so I know you've wanted to grow bananas here =) My friend's parents were very successful with small pink bananas - the fruit is tiny and full of seeds but you get a lot more fruit from a tree and they are so much than the store bought variety!
    Sorry for a long post =) Hope you are doing great =)

  2. Hey thanks! Ok so I'm starting from the top. I have not started strawberrys from seed, these were given to me by a blog reader a couple weeks ago, the original was bought as bare root plants from shells on nebraska, I'm not sure from seed but all plants I've got produce same year, I'm attempting to have them last the summer because the gentlemen who gave me these has had luck growing them as a perinneal : ) the banana trees I got were lady finger, which is also a smaller variety then the store and from what I've heard much sweeter and tastier. I think pink bananas sound awesome and very pretty!!! Thanks for the comment : )

  3. Thank you for your reply! Hope you'll succeed in "over-summering" strawberries! =)