Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Geez its August already?
Ugh I've been sick for almost the last week, had to pull up the carpet in the living room due to a home flood, and now I feel so behind!
I have to add compost to the beds, finish building the new beds, pull out the weeds, fluff up the soil, and finally plant the seeds!!

This week at work, well actually tomorrow I have a BIG test to show what I know and see if I get a promotion (and a raise)! Wish me luck : )
Today I stayed home from work to relax, get better, and study!

Outside we have 1 of 3 beds 95% completed and ready to add soil and compost.
The onion bed needs compost added before seed planting at the end of the month.
I still need to find creole garlic that I can plant in my garlic bed.
The bean bed needs a little compost added and some kelp meal and it will be ready for planting asap.

I'm learning about earth ovens so I can hopefully create one as soon as time, and money allows me.
I'm very excited!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far and is not as far behind in fall gardening as me!!!

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