Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Another Friday Night

Well fridays are my early days from work and when I got out at 2:30 I decided to start my tax free shopping. We needed new clothes anyway. So my first stop was a small hospice thrift store on my way home. I found a wonderful jewel tone purple suede skirt and it was on a huge discount and cost me 70cents.. I also grabbed up a pair of $7 old navy jeans and a cinderella tshirt for Brooke.

When I got home I changed out of my work scrubs and we all piled into the car. We stopped at the hope thrift store which was awesome shopping for Brooke, I got her 2 long sleeve tops, a sweater, a beautiful tank dress, a couple short sleeve shirts, a pair of pants, 2 pairs of shoes (Disney princess light up sandals and a pair of boots) and 3 super cute skirts! I also got ronnie a couple tops.

Next the salvation army. I got myself 3 tops, 4 bottoms, Ronnie got 2 bottoms and 2 shirts, and brooke got a light raincoat and 2 books.. my total shopping adventure cost me about $100 that's a lot of goods for that price tag : )

I feel happy with my purchases!

So now we are home watching the heat lightning as I lay in bed typing this out on my phone suffering from a migrane : (
There's so much to do in my garden its slightly over whelming..
I need 2 add soil and compost to 3 of my beds, finish weeding, still need to paint the shed, I still need to build at least one more bed, plus try to find a manual push mower (reel mower) to mow out little patch of grass that's become like a forest after our mower broke, and this is not to mention plant all the seeds!!


I have also been thinking of planting a dwarf tree in the chickens area to provide them with summer shade, winter light, food for us and dropped fruit for the chickens to forage. After hearing many ideas on a hokesteading fourm I'm apart of many people reomennded the same type of tree.. a mulberry.. I'm going to do more research and talk to my momma but it sounds win win : )

Alright readers have a great rest of your day and stay tuned for this weekends posts : )


  1. depends on the over al radius you want covered, mulberries can get wide -ish and drops the leaves in winter. Tea Olive is great and Simpson's Stopper is another one that is under used and tough tough tough.Also boiling hot water kills weeds instant par boil heh heh ;)

  2. : ) im decided on a everbearing dwarf mulberry which the nursery said would get 10' high and not that wide.. perfect for summer shade, winter sun, fruit for me, and fruit for the chickens! : ) Yea boiling water does kill weeds but i just rack them from my garden beds, next year im going to do a cover crop and see how that works : )