Monday, August 29, 2011


A glorious week for the ouchies! : p lol

My hands are chapped and blistered from yard tools that have seen much better days (currently looking for replacements),
My entire upper and lower back is burnt lobster red from laying bricks in a tank top (living in FL for the past 7 years should have thought me something.. guess not)
The mosquito have decided they find my delicious and rush to gobble me up anytime I set foot outside
And to top off my ouchies I have a mind blowing migraine!

Just thought I would share the fun.. I actually don't mind it to much except for the sunburn that refuses to let me sleep and the migraine that hates the bright light on my phone and is throbbing!

Luckily my mood is increasing, and the wonderful pouring rain that kept coming this morning made me smile as I watched through the window at work knowing that my plants were at home loving it : )

Happy Monday Friends!

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